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Hotel Primavera is located a few kilometres from the centre of Mestre and right by the translagoon bridge, it is only 15 minutes’ drive from the motorways and from the airport, 10 minutes’ drive from the railway station and only 8 minutes’ bus ride from Venice.
About 500 metres away from the hotel lies the largest urban park in Europe that stretches along the Venetian lagoon and offers a magnificent view of its islands. There you can relax, sunbathe, take a walk or ride a park bicycle across wide green areas admiring the lagoon.

Ample car parking is available for guests in the hotel grounds.

Our reception staff, at your disposal 24 hours a day, can provide you all information about public services and recommended excursions in this area. They can also provide you all information and tickets for the buses and the “vaporetto” –water buses to visit Venice and the islands.

The Hotel has simple but comfortable rooms.
We have different types of room to meet all requirements.

The rooms have private shower and toilette, heating and air conditionned, television and direct phone.
At your disposal , on request, we can give you hair dryers.
The cheaper rooms, with share bathroom, are anyway fitted with towels and shampoo and soap.

Free WiFi throughout the hotel for guests.

The restaurant, open at lunch and dinner, will make you taste typical Venetian dishes, the classic Italian pizza baked in a wood oven and in summer – on the outside veranda – the tasty barbecue cooked under your eyes.

Our well-stocked bar is open to guests round the clock.

How to reach us

Via Orlanda is quite long, so navigator systems can be asked for "Via Orlanda near/crossing Via Flaminia". Also, some navigators recognize our road as SS14 / SR14; Mestre may not be recognized as a city on your navigator, since it is just the mainland part of Venezia.

From the highways
Coming from highways (or from "Romea" road, "E55"/"SS309"), looking for "VENEZIA" road signs you enter in the toll-free “Tangenziale di Mestre” (A57). In order to avoid the center of Mestre (mostly off-limits for cars), look for the exit “Mestre Terraglio-Ospedale-Treviso-SS13”: it's the first exit coming from North, after the A4/A27 junction, while it's the fifth exit, after "CASTELLANA" one, coming from South. If coming from Austria or Slovenia, the exit is "Venezia/Treviso/Triestina/aeroporto".Then, at the first roundabout, second exit, go on following the signs "VENEZIA": you'll pass one trafic light, then an underpass, then 2 more trafic lights. The road will bifurcate with a roundabout on the left, but go right and you will see Hotel Primavera on your right, a sand-coloured three storey bulding: the entrance is 100 m ahead, on the right, after the looping road will have brought you a little backwards.
You basically have to go out at the right motorway exit, then the second roundabout exit, then just always go straight on, always following the road signs towards "Venezia".
If you are coming from Marco Polo Airport, you just have to go straight towards Venice: after 11 Km, passing through the hamlets of Tessera and Campalto, you can find Hotel Primavera right after the end of the latter, after a roundabout

By bus, basic information
On Venice city lines ACTV the ticket is 1,50 € (8,00 € if departing from, or reaching, Marco Polo airport). You can buy the ticket in most newspaper or tabac shop, 'cause they are not sold on board on every line during daylight hours. Tickets must be validated when getting on board: just keep them, for half a second, in front of the white-greyish "IMOB" machine at the bus entrances; you'll hear a beep and a green light will briefly turn on. Done, the ticket is valid.
Onboard fare --tickets available only on Sundays or after 20.00-- is 3,00 €, but it's 8,00 € on "5"/"AEROBUS" line, and always available there. The "Tratta Aeroporto-Venezia" 8,00 € ticket will allow you to reach Venice too before it expires.

From railway station "Venezia Santa Lucia" / "Piazzale Roma-Bus terminal"
Trains reach Venezia Santa Lucia 20-25 minutes after Venezia Mestre stop. When out of the station turn right, cross the new glass-and-steel bridge "della Costituzione" (or "della Zirada") and you will be in Piazzale Roma, the bus terminal, after a 8 minutes walk. There you can use two bus lines, either the "5"/"AEROBUS" or the "19": they run every 10 or 15 minutes, last run 00.40 ( and
After 8 minutes on board, after the end of the translagoon "della Libertà" bridge, look for the bus stop "Orlanda Appia", in front of Hilton Garden, right after the big urban park San Giuliano: push the stop request button when you're under the blue-and-white bridge with a lot of ropes suspending it, at the beginning of Via Orlanda. Cross the street (there's a pedestrian-only iron bridge) and walk 100 meters on the same road, on the same direction the bus was running: you will find Hotel Primavera on your left, a sand-coloured three storey bulding.

From railway station "Venezia Mestre"
4 buses every hour from there.
- bus line "9" for "LA PIAZZA" or "SAN LIBERALE" stopping out of the station, same side, on the right ( Departure schedule: in working days at the minutes .13 and .43, last run 21.12; on Sundays and holidays, at the minutes .43, last run 20.43).
- bus line "15" for "AEROPORTO" stopping opposite of the station ( Departure schedule: in working days at the minutes .00 and .30, last run 20.30; on Sundays and holidays, at the minutes .05, last run 20.05.
After 12 minutes on board (up to 20 minutes in rush hours) look for the bus stop "Orlanda Appia", as explained above.

From railway stations By night
Get off at Venezia Santa Lucia train station if possible, then take night-line-bus "N1" from Venezia Bust station Piazzale Roma ( ), 7 minutes; if you take "N1" from Mestre Railway station, it will firstly bring you to Venezia, then back towards us, 25 minutes approximately. Get off at "Parco San Giuliano" bus stop, 600m from our hotel: walk towards Hotel Russot building and the nearby blue-and-white bridge with a red light on the top, go past them and cross the street (in font of Hilton Garden there's a the pedestrian-only bridge) and walk 100 meters more on the same road: you will find Hotel Primavera on your left, a sand-coloured three storey bulding.

From Venezia airport "Marco Polo"
Out of ARRIVAL terminal, you can find the bus stop for lines "5"/"AEROBUS" and "15".
- "5"/"AEROBUS" ( run from 4.08; during the day, they leave every 15 minutes (.10, .25, .40, .55) until 18.40; then twice an hour (minutes .40 and .10). Last buses at 23.10, 00.10, 1.10.
- "15" ( leave at the minutes .15 and .45, last departure 20.15: on Sundays and holidays, at the minutes .50, last run 19.50.
After 10 minutes on board look for the bus stop "Orlanda Appia", in front of Hilton Garden, right before the big urban park San Giuliano and its blue-and-white bridge, at the end of Via Orlanda: there's a pedestrian iron bridge on the spot. Don't cross the road, just walk 100 meters backwards on the same road: you will find Hotel Primavera on your left, a sand-coloured three storey bulding.

From Treviso airport "Antonio Canova"
You can reach our hotel with RyanAir/ATVO bus to Venice (, departure times according to flight arrivals. The fare is 12,00 € on place (one way ticket, for round trip within one week it's 22,00 €) but on-line ticket can be purchased at a lower cost (
Barzibus ( is somewhat faster (single trip fare 12,00 €, return 22,00 €), stops at Venezia Mestre train station, but, in Venice they will stop in Tronchetto: to reach the city hub, Venezia Piazzale Roma, there is a People Mover (1,50€).
To get to the Hotel, you have some choices:
  1. You can reach "Venezia Piazzale Roma", the bus terminal close to "Venezia Santa Lucia" railway station, see above
  2. You can either stop in "Venezia Mestre" train station: 4 buses every hour from there, see above.

From Venice Harbour
Venice "Maritime Station", the ferry and cruise port area, is connected to Piazzale Roma, the city hub close to "Venezia Santa Lucia" railway station, via an automated train, "People Mover", 1,50 € per person, or by shuttles run by cruise lines (ask the cruise society for information).

You can find taxis waiting in Piazzale Roma (9 minutes trip), the bus terminal 200 m from the railway station "Santa Lucia" (get off the station, turn right, 200 m and a bridge to cross) or out of the Mestre railway station (14 minutes trip). Look , by phone +39 041 5964, approximate fare 38,00 €.
From Marco Polo airport (same site and phone as above, plus, by phone (+39)(0)41 822 4065 and (+39)(0)41 723112): the trip is approximately 16 minutes, the fare about 38,00 €.
From Treviso airport, Treviso cityTaxi Society ( ), phone (+39)(0)422 43 15 15, can bring you here in 30-50 minutes, depending on the traffic.